Some Urban Empires progress...8/21/2007

This update has some images of the "next-gen" artwork that's being created for the game. The first two images are Russian and Italian gangsters that will be in Urban Empires, I just finished writing the skin shader that will be used to render the characters in-game.

There are 9 gang types in the game...everything from the Russians and Italians to gang types such as Bikers, Irish Mobsters, Black and Latino gangs. There are 30+ more character models like these coming so stay tuned to the website. The character models are rigged for full facial animation, they are in the default position for these screenshots.

In the next update I'll have some pictures of a couple of the vehicles that will be in the game, there will be close to 25 unique vehicles (plus variations), they are being created right now.

In addition to the characters shown in these sceenshots, I'll also post a screenshot of the first gun model, there will be 30 weapons of this quality to be in the game.

I'm hard at work upgrading the game's engine, and trying to integrate all this artwork. Expect some new in-game shots soon.

If you want to follow the game's progress drop by the Forums or my Developers' Journal.

Also be sure to bookmark the game's official website which will be active once the game is finished. /

Urban Empires is a Multiplayer Gangster game. It combines traditional Real-time Strategy gameplay with the ability to control any of your gangsters at any time, the game is centered around a multiplayer online experience. The game will be released in early 2008.

- Danny Green
Lead Programmer / Artist / Designer / President of Radioactive-Software

Urban Empires Update...8/7/2007

Urban Empires is a Multiplayer Gangster game. It combines traditional Real-time Strategy gameplay with the ability to control any of your gangsters at any time, the game is centered around a multiplayer online experience. I'm taking the game to the next level in every way...Next-gen quality characters and vehicles...and having 9 different gang types in the game.
If you want to follow the game's progress drop by the Forums or my Developers' Journal.

Also be sure to bookmark the game's official website which will be active once the game is finished. /

The game will be released early next year so stay tuned.

- Danny Green
Lead Programmer / Artist / Designer / President

Name Change...7/16/2007

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates...I'm still going full steam ahead on the project. I'm working on trying to bring the game to the next level of quality, which is neither easy or cheap.

Among other things [ like integration of the Ageia PhysX engine into the game, and increasing the number of players per-server from 6 to 18 ] I've changed the name of the game. It is no longer called Gang War instead the game is now called Urban Empires.

I'm working on getting all of the art assets re-done @ "next-gen" quality, and I also want to add many more gangs into the game. I think that, coupled with the new physics engine / netcode will take the game to the next level.

If you want to follow the progress of the game check out the game check the Forums or my Developers' Journal

- Danny Green

Massive Gang War Update...Lots of new Screenshots.3/21/2007

Hey guys, sorry for not posting an update in so long. I've been working like a madman on the game lately. I would also like to clarify a few things about this game.

First off, I'm the only person making it...I've coded the engine from scratch, created almost all of the artwork, and have designed the entire thing by myself with a laughable budget. I've been working on it for about 3 years total [2 years fulltime]. The game is still in a PRE-BETA stage.

Second, I would like to clarify the type of game I'm making. Gang War is NOT a linear story-based game that walks you through some dude's rise to power...that has been done 100 times before, I'm not going there. I'm making a fully multiplayer real-time strategy/action game where the players create the 'story' every game. There can be up to 6 players per server, and there are 3 types of gangs you can control...Black, Latino, and Italian. I wish I had the budget to get more gang types into the game but for this game that's the best I can do. There is also an offline practice mode.

Most of the game will be spent managing your gang above in the strategy view, you do however have the option to control any of your gang members. I have recently added a teamplay system allowing arbitrary some players can be controlling the team's gangsters while the boss is above giving orders to them. Orders are synced between team-mates and can be viewed/modified based on each player's rank. There are a total of 12 different orders/commands you can give to your gangsters.

Anyways if you want more detailed info about the game check the Forums or my Developers' Journal...

Now it's time for the good stuff...keep in mind this is all a work in progress.

I've recently implemented rain into the game...the weather / lighting / environment is totally dynamic. Click here for an older work-in-progress video of the rain.

Now some screenshots of the new 'Order Visualization System' which makes tracking your gangsters very easy. Again, for more info on the gameplay check out my Developers' Journal or the Forums.

A note about the order visualizations...there are 4 different states you can toggle to make the orders appear how you'd like [ie: always on, always off, show icons only, and full depth tested].

Some other screens of the real time strategy view...

I've implemented an internet radio player into the game...with ~20 different there will always be new music to listen to.

One of the cool things is that you can order your gangsters to drive ANYWHERE in the city, and depending on the urgency of the order command, they will obey traffic rules or do a mad rush to the goal point. Obviously you can also take control of the gangster and drive there yourself...

I'm working on a high quality fire effect / heat blur shader...

Of course what game would be complete without CARNAGE...I've implemented gibs for actors & vehicles as well as ragdoll physics on all actors. Click each image to view a larger slide-show of the good stuff :-) These screenshots were taken in the "Insta Gib" mode where one shot blows things up :-) this is mostly for stress testing the effects.

You can also be arrested by police officers and your gangsters have to go downtown to the police station...

In addition to that stuff I've implemented normal mapping on the character models, here is an in-engine test showing the quality of the shader. If only I could have player models with 9000 triangles :-D Maybe next game...

Before / After comparison of the player models with and without normal mapping...I had to generate the normal maps years after the models were first the results aren't perfect but it's certainly an improvement.

Ok that's it for now...any comments can be directed to me via my e-mail, or the game's Forums. If you think the game looks cool I'd love to hear from you.

- Danny Green

Gang War Video2/27/2007

I've got a new video of my multiplayer RTS/Action game Gang War for you guys to check out. Lately I've been doing a little work on the sun / sky / cloud rendering. I'm also working on a new city, called Suburbia which will contain a lot of residential areas [in this video there is only 1 house model, I'll be making more in the coming days]. In addition to on the netcode is progressing well, and I'm cleaning things up and working towards the point when the game will be ready for major testing.

Keep checking back for more updates!


Gang War Update2/16/2007

Hey guys, I've got another update regarding my multiplayer RTS/Action game Gang War. I've recently added teamplay/co-op to the game allowing any combination of players and gangs. The new teamplay system allows players to divide the micromanagment, give orders to eachother, go on missions & attacks together...even do drive-bys in the same vehicle.

I've also added some new effects to the game, like police sirens and dynamic lighting on gunshots. Plus I spent some time making a new building the other day, I'll post some screenshots below. As usual, if you want daily/weekly updates on the game's progress, my Developers' Journal should be up and working again.

- Dan

Quick Update2/7/2007

First off, sorry for the website's downtime lately, I guess there was some problem @ the hosting company. Things should be resolved now. Also, I've got a quick Gang War Update...I spent some time earlier today making some new buildings for the cities. I'm also working on making some new residential areas for the game, I should have some screenshots of that soon enough.

Here are a few screenshots of the buildings I made earlier today...

Gang War Update...2/1/2007

I guess it's about time for a update of my multiplayer RTS/Action game, Gang War :-) I've been working on more of the same...creating more city artwork for the cities, working on the multiplayer netcode, and adding visual effects to the engine.

I had been hoping to have the game ready for major testing soon, but it looks like that's going to be delayed for a little while longer. There is still a lot I'm trying to get into the game. I also want to get the netcode as solid as possible. So just sit tight if you're waiting for the game, I'm working every day as fast as I can.

I'll try to post updates/screenshots more often so keep checking back :-) As usual, if you want daily/weekly updates on the development process, just head over to my Developers' Journal.

Gang War Update12/6/2006

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since the last update...I haven't had a chance to create any new content for a while, so there really wasn't any "new stuff" to post screenshots of.

These last few days I've been playing with the City Editor, creating some new cities for the game. The City editor really makes it simple to create new cities, it only took me a day or two to create these. I'm also working on some new gameplay modes for the game, and improving every aspect of the game. As you can probably imagine it's a ton of work doing this stuff by myself.

Anyways, here are some screenshots from my multiplayer RTS/Action gangster game, Gang War, showing the new cities. If you want detailed information about the development process, just head over to my Developers' Journal.

New Screenshot of Gang War.9/24/2006

Another quick update in addition to the one two days ago...I finally got a chance to create a new bridge for the city. The old 'Golden Gate' style bridge was not working out, I think the new bridge fits the city much better. I'll post a screenshot of the new bridge below.

Also if you want to know more about the process I use to create all this stuff, be sure to check out my Developers' Journal which I update pretty frequently.

Gang War Update. Dock & Harbor.9/22/2006

I'm still putting in a lot of hours on the game. It is starting to come together but there is still a decent amount of work I need to do before the game is going to be ready for serious testing. Just stay tuned, and keep checking the site for updates!

I spent some time these last few days creating a Harbor/Dock area for the game. Also you might notice a slight change in the game's appearance, I gave the game a darker feel in a lot of areas (it might be a little too dark in these screenshots, I'm still tweaking a lot of values). I didn't have enough time to add all the details I wanted into this scene, but there are more important things for me to focus on right now. I do plan on coming back and adding more details.

I finally had a chance to write a new water shader, check it out in the screenshots below. I've also added a number of effects to the game, including per-pixel motion blur and reflections on buildings.

If you like the game, or you want to know more about it...the easiest thing to do would be to drop by the Forums and leave a comment!

- Dan

Quick Gang War Update. Fog of War.8/21/2006

One of the things I've been working on is the Fog of War which will prevent you from seeing things in the city, unless you have a gangster in the area. Fog of war does not apply if you're controlling a gangster.

Another area I'm focusing on lately is the traffic AI. The 100s of civilian vehicles that populate the cities (in multiplayer or single player) need to behave realistically, and follow traffic rules. They also have to handle user-created cities, so the system needs to be robust. I'm also finishing up the Car Dealership which you'll use to buy vehicles for your gang, and putting in some time on every aspect of the multiplayer play.

One idea I'm kicking around is a integrated in-game city browser/downloader so you can easily download new cities to play in multiplayer (complete with preview images, rating system, etc). You would also be able to upload your created cities with the push of a button, in the City Editor. I think that would add a lot of replay value to the game.

Heres a couple of screenshots of the new Fog of War system in the game, keep checking back for updates! Also check out the Forum for more screenshots/info!

Gang War screenshots & Update.7/28/2006

I know it's been a while since the last update, I've made a ton of progress as usual. I'm busy creating new cities and content for more variety in the game. I'm also focusing on wrapping up all aspects of the gameplay in single and multiplayer modes.

I've made a final optimization pass on the game and I'm happy with the results. I get 30+ FPS at 1280x1024 and full graphical detail on my computer [2.8GHZ + 1Gig RAM + ATI X700], so I'm happy with that. Also I finally got a chance to implement the night time mode of the game...I still have to wrap up the streetlights though.

I'm trying to get this game finished up as soon as possible, I'll have any word on a potential release schedule once I get the game to a BETA ready state.

Here are some newer images of the usual you can get a lot more info/screenshots in the Forum or in my Developers Journal. Keep in mind these particular screenshots are still a work in progress.

- Dan

New Gang War screenshots6/22/2006

I've got some new screenshots of my 'Multiplayer RTS/Action' game, Gang War. I've had a lot of ideas recently and I'm excited to get them integrated into the game. In addition to adding elements to the gameplay, I'm still refining the game's visual aspects as well.

I've got a new round of screenshots for you guys. They include some new buildings throughout the city, new water, and some other things. I'm still tweaking the bloom effect, and I have written 2 other methods of rendering water that are not shown in these screenshots.

In addition to the planar reflection+bump mapping water shown in these screenshots, I've also coded simple diffuse water...and also some higher quality water using reflections via realtime cubemap+bumpmapping. I wanted to make sure the user would be able to scale the visuals according to their computer's speed.

Here are the new screenshots...I'll be working hard these next few days, so check back for updates.

- Dan

Small 'Gang War' Update.5/22/2006

Hey guys....I've got a quick update for you regarding my multiplayer Action/RTS game, 'Gang War'. I've been working on the visuals lately, and hopefully this will be one of the last effects I have to add into the game. It's a glow/blur shader that sort of produces a HDR look, using additive blending. I think it already adds a lot to the scenes.

Hopefully I'll be finished up with the effect tommorow. I still have to add the motion blur to the scenes and do some more tweaking, but that should about do it. Check it out, and be sure to drop by the FORUMS and let me know what you think!

I've also finished work on a number of other parts of the game, including finishing up a lot of the weapons, including the sniper rifles, RPG, and grenade launcher. There are now over 35+ items you can equip your gangsters with.

I should have some more & higher resolution screenshots and another update in the coming days, so keep checking back.

- Dan

Gang War City Editor5/14/2006

The other day I started work on a City Editor. This will allow players to create their own cities, and fight for control of them online against other players. I think this will add a lot of replay value to the game, and should prove to be a lot of fun. I'm making the editor as easy to use and powerful as I can. It is totally in-game and is accessable from the main menu...I hope that players will take time to create their own cities for the game once it's released!

Here are some screenshots of the city editor in action -

Here is a short video of the editor in action, it mostly showcases the realtime shadows on EVERY object in the city. The player has complete control of the time of day in the editor, so they can see how their city will look at different times.

Click here to download GangWar_Editor_Video_1.avi (10MB)

I'm hoping to have the editor finished tonight or tommorow. Every other aspect of the game is moving along, and I'm trying to finish it up as soon as possible, and get it into the hands of some testers! I will keep you guys updated as things progress, until then keep checking back for more updates!

- Dan

Update | Ragdoll Physics | Water | Multiplayer progress4/7/2006

Sorry for the lack of updates lately...I'm still very much hard at work on the game. I've had to redo most of the vehicle & NPC network sync. code, as well as re-work some other areas of the game and that's been taking a lot of time. I am making progress, so keep watching the site for updates.

I've also added water, and ragdoll physics into the game, as well as made a lot of progress on the 'territory managment'. Your gangsters can now receive orders via cellphone. You can interact with civilains through a radial menu, which will display all possible actions you can perform on a target at any give time. And keep in mind that the game is meant to be played online against up to 6 other players, so I'm making sure the network code is rock solid.

I'll attach screenshots of this stuff below. I'm still working hard on getting the game into the hands of some testers, I'll post information once the game gets into a BETA stage.

As usual....feel free to drop by the FORUMS and leave me some feedback!

- Dan

Quick 'Gang War' Update2/16/2006

I spent some time today creating 10 new weapons for the game. There are about 25 weapons in the game right now, and 40 usable 'items' total (things like bullet proof vests, cell phones, drugs, etc). I'm planning to have 100+ usable items in the final version of the game. Multiplayer is still coming along well, it's stable and crash free right now....I plan to keep it that way :-) I've still got some work to do before serious testing can begin though.

I'm going to be doing a lot of work this weekend, and I hope to have another update soon with a lot of screenshots. Until then here is a image of some of the weapons I've got in-game right now. Drop by the FORUMS and let me know what other weapons you want to see in the game!

- Dan

Update / Particle System2/13/2006

I'm busy refining the multiplayer components of the game, as well as adding some new effects/features. I've been working on a particle system over the last few days. The particle system handles things like shell casings, explosions, muzzle flashes, fire, smoke, etc.

Overall, the game is coming together as expected. Here's a screenshot of some of the particle effects I've got in the game. I'll post a bigger update soon with more pictures.

- Dan

Gang War Update1/30/2006

I've got some new screenshots of the game for you guys to check out. I'm wrapping up multiplayer right now, and working on optimizing the network bandwidth. It's coming together as expected, each client only uses about 9kb/s max, so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. It's really not going to get much better than that considering each player can control up to 50 gangsters at once. There can be up to 6 players in a single game server.

I'm been doing a little work on the user interface as well, I've also been improving every other aspect of the game. I hope you can notice progress in these new screenshots.

Keep checking back, I'll have more screenshots/news for you guys soon. As always, feel free to drop by the FORUMS and let me know what you think about the game's progress!

- Dan

Some new 'Gang War' screenshots1/8/2006

I've just finished up the "low-end" reflections that will be on the vehicles in the game. The low end is a static cube map. The high end reflections in the game will be real-time environment mapping, so they'll look pretty good.

I'm making a lot of progress on all other parts of 'Gang War' as well. There's a million things I've got to do every day on this game. It's slowly transforming into my vision though, so that's quite re-assuring.

Once the game gets into BETA status I'll be able to focus on improving the environments and adding new artwork to the cities. Here's are some screenshots showing how some of the game's vehicles look with the static environment maps, and the real-time shadows. There are currently 30 different vehicles in the game.

Keep checking back, I'm hoping to start updating the main page more often. Also feel free to drop by the FORUMS and let me know what you think about the game!

- Dan

Happy Holidays!12/23/2005

Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm hard at work on the game....I took a "break" the other day and added a MP3 Player into the game. You can use it to choose from the in-game music...or add your own songs from your .mp3 collection!

I'm still working on every other aspect of the game, as usual. It's coming along well...still shooting to have a major update any day now, so keep checking back!

Click on the screenshot for a larger version.


I've been re-writing almost every aspect of the game's graphics engine over the last few weeks. I've just added real-time shadow maps on everything in the city. I've also rewritten the character animation system, as well as the world atmosphere code. I've upgraded the physics code, as well as created a generic "entity" system that will allow me to add a lot of new objects to the game, very easily.

I still have to add a glow effect on all light sources, as well as real time reflections on vehicles, and windows. Multiplayer is also progressing well, though I'm taking some time off that to finish the updates to other parts of the game. I'm also adding some new areas to the cities...things like construction sites, plazas, parking lots, etc.

I'm going to have a much bigger update in a few days with a lot of screenshots and videos, so keep checking back! Click the image below for a larger version.

Quick update & FAQ11/9/2005

Multiplayer is coming along very well. I should have it into some serious testing in the next few weeks. This game is going to rock.

I realize that I haven't been exactly forthcoming with information about the I've created a page that answers most questions about the game, and gives some information about how it will be played.

Click here to check out the Gang War FAQ.

Feel free to post a question if you want to know something about the game.

Multiplayer + 7 New Videos11/6/2005

I've made a decision to make the game mostly multiplayer. You'll still be able to play offline against the computer/bots though. I've made a lot of progress in the last 3-4 days. I've already finished the "Server Finder" and "Lobby", I'm about 25% done implementing the multiplayer components. It should be completly implemented in the next few weeks.

I'm using the excellent RakNet library to speed development time. You'll be able to battle against up to 6 people in a server. Each player can control up to 50 gangsters, and has the ability to take control of them at any time.

If you want more information drop by the forums, and I'll answer any questions. Keep checking the site, I'm going to be making a lot of progress lately.

I've also uploaded 7 new videos, and posted them on the DOWNLOADS page. Go check 'em out!



I've been adding tons of stuff into the game lately, some new changes include use of OpenAL as the audio library, the game now supports 3D audio effects. Also I've added 10 new vehicles into the game (30 total now), as well as drive-by shootings. I hope to have a new (better quality) video out soon, until the below image for a larger composite screenshot of some early drive-by shootings.

Gang War Video8/31/2005

It's been a while since the last update...I've made a ton of progress on the game lately, the other day I recorded a short 3 minute video of the game. Click the link below to view the video, or the preview images. The video has a pretty low framerate, I'm working on getting a better one recorded...but still, you can see the game starting to come together. You may need to download DivX in order to view the video.

Download GangWarPreview.avi (39MB).

New Cars8/18/2005

I just finished putting the next set of cars into the game. Right now there are 18 vehicles in the game. I'm hoping to have close to 30 in the final version! I'm making progress on all parts of the game. Keep checking back for updates!

- Dan

Updated screenshots8/15/2005

I've got a couple new composite screenshots for you guys to check out. If you like the way the game's looking, or if you have any other comments please drop by the forum and let me know what you think!

- Dan


I've added a lot of things into the game lately including ragdoll physics. Also I'm making a lot of progress on every other part of the game. Here is a composite screenshot of some of the new things in the game.

Another update7/20/2005

I'm very much hard at work on the game, it's starting to come together. I'm hoping to enter it into the '06 Independent Games Festival, so I'm working hard to be ready by their first deadline. If you're interested in seeing some the game in motion, I've posted 2 videos in my forum a few days ago...feel free to check them out and let me know what you think! Remember it's still a work in progress :-)

Here's a collection of screenshots showing how the game is looking these days.

Another vehicle image7/13/2005

I've got a large image showing what some of the cars are lookin' like in the game. I'll have another update in a few days with more stuff.

- Dan

More Vehicles7/10/2005

I've pretty much finalized the vehicle physics in the game, and it looks amazing in motion...hopefully I'll have some videos later on. I'll post 2 screenshots below of how it's looking in-game. Also I've got a preview of some of the cars that will be in the game, there will be close to 30 different cars in the game all with complete damage modeling, unigue phyiscs, handling, and transmission. Keep checking back on the site, I'll have another update in a few days.

- Dan


I'm currently in the middle of changing the physics in the game around yet again. I'm actually adding complete ragdoll physics to every character in the game, and realistic vehicle physics thanks to the Newton Game Dynamics library. I'll keep you guys posted on that.

Also, I'm having Electric-Shed create all of the car models for Gang War. The car models have the interiors/trunk modeled, all doors are animated, and there is damage modeling on the vehicles. I'm very happy with the way its looking already. Check out these screenshots of the first model.

Gang War Update6/19/2005

I've decided to make it so the player/characters can enter every building in the city. Now the player can actually watch storeowners be extorted, intimidated, or anything else. The player can engage in conversation with any storeowner/civilian in the city. The player has the option to perform any order themselves, this includes robbing businesses/banks, selling drugs to civilians, and hits on enemys of the gang. I've added banks, gas stations, flocks of birds, helicopters and all kinds of other things to the game. I'm making an increadible amount of progress lately. I should have an update in a few days with more screenshots. Until then, here's some early composite screenshots of the cities with the interior's of every building modelled.

Guns and Shadows6/9/2005

I've been making a lot of progress on the game in the last few weeks. I've added guns, shadows, and too many other things to list, I'll just post a couple of videos in a week or so showing it all off once I get it polished up a bit. Until then here's some pictures of what I've been working on lately.

Gang War Update6/1/2005

I've got some more screenshots of the game for you guys to check out. Hopefully I'll have a video or two in a few days so keep checking back on the site. Also if you're interested please stop by the Forums and let me know what you think about the game so far.

- Dan

Another Gang War Update5/18/2005

Recently I've been making a lot of progress on the game. I added a lot of new things into the game including water areas. Here's some new screenshots...I'll have another update in a few days with some more new stuff.

Gang War Update 5/11/2005

I've recently integrated the excellent Tokamak physics library into my game, now I can have jumps/hills/ramps etc in the game as well as realistic physics on every object in the game...from trees, stacks of people, and cars. I've also got a few new screenshots of the game, I'll have a more interesting update in a few days though. Until then check these out.

- Dan

Gang War Publisher3/15/2005

I'm happy to announce that Strategy First will be publishing Gang War. The official release date, and more information will be available at a later time. Click the image below to go to Strategy's webpage and check out the press release!

Character Models2/28/2005

I've got a few paintovers of some character models that will be in the game. I can't wait to actually get the models into the game :-) Also I'm going to be at the '05 Game Developers Conference from about the 5th until the 12th of March, so work on the game is going to have to take a little break. :-) Anyways check out these paintovers, they are currently being created by Erik Asorson Studios.

- Dan

New Images2/22/2005

Work is going well on the game...I'm almost finished adding 'objects' like trashcans, phone booths, etc. into the game....after that I'm going to start adding residential areas, and some other interesting areas to the city. I'm really trying to make the city interesting/big enough so the player can just walk around causing trouble and still have fun. And of course I'm slowly but surely building up the strategic aspects of the game. Here's some new pictures of the game...remember it's all a work in progress :-)

2 New Pictures2/14/2005

I've got two new pictures of Gang War for you guys. The first one shows how the territory system will work, it also shows what the strategy mode of the game will look like. The second picture is from the action mode of the game. I think it looks pretty cool even with the placeholder character model in there :-)

More images for you guys :-)2/10/2005

Ok, I've pretty much settled on a graphical style for the game..I'm busy now trying to convert the entire game into that new graphics engine. I've almost got the "Action" part of the game into it, Once I'm done with that I'll start on converting the real-time strategy part where you give orders to your gangsters, and manage the gang. Once I finish that I can finally start to get some new stuff in. This process should only take a few weeks, but in that time the game's look is going to change a lot. Here's some images of the "Action" part of the game...this will only be a small part of the overall gameplay. In the final game the player will spend much more time giving orders from above. At any time the player has the option to jump down and take over a particular gangster, that's when this part of the game will kick in. I've still got a lot of work to do in terms of adding variety to the city, and making it more interesting, I'm going to be doing a lot of work on that in the next few days. Also I've got a lot of original ideas for this game that I'm finally going to get around to implementing. Alrighty, here's some new screenshots :-)

By the way, the character model in these screenshots is just a placeholder...The real player models are in the works at this time, they're going to be amazing :-)

The NEW Gang War2/2/2005

I'm currently in the middle of completly re-doing Gang War. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I've only been upgrading the game for about 5 days, and I think the results are amazing :-) I've recently changed the view to 3rd person "behind the guy" view, and I'm also making changes to every other aspect of the game...check it out...

Gang War Update1/17/2005

It's been a long time since the last update, so I've decided to post a couple of new pictures of the game. It's going along very well, I'm really working on getting the gameplay up and running, I'm also working on the game's visuals, hopefully you can tell in the left screenshot below. Hope you like the new pictures, and I'll keep you guys posted on the status of the game :-)

Update time :)11/10/2004

Alrighty I've done so much work on the game since the last update. I've got all elements of the game pretty much finished, I just need to tweak it and work out some kinks. Hopefully the game will be in stores and available for purchase in a few months. I will release a Demo version for people who want to try the game out for free. Here's a bunch of new screenshots of the game. Just a FYI, I've been working on Gang War a little over a year now :). Anyways enjoy these new pics.

Gang War Movie9/16/2004

I feel bad for not posting a new version of Gang War for so long, so I'm releasing a .avi of gameplay footage. The file is pretty big (25 meg), but if you're interested in seeing a video of the game from menu, until exit...check it out :)

You can download the codec neccessary to view the movie HERE


Gang War is going along nicely, I've added a lot of new things into the game since the last update, too many to really list, but they're mostly gameplay related. I've still got a long list of things to finish up, but right now it looks like version 0.65 is going to be released mid-October. I'm not going to release it until all elements of the gameplay are into the game, and the game is polished up nicely. Right now I'm also talking to a few publishers about getting Gang War distributed comercially, hopefully I will find a good publisher and everything will work out :) Anyways here's a few new juicy screenshots that show some things like the bullet tracers, and objects like trees/trashcans/phone booths, etc. that I recently added into the game. Enjoy.

Gang War Progress7/9/2004

I've got a lot of work done on Gang War, most of it gameplay related. Right now I've made it so that police officers attack you, and civilians run away screaming if you start shooting in the city. I've also got the groundwork for the gang related combat, and gameplay finished. I've still got about 4 of 8 things left to do on my list before the next release, so it's going to be a while before the version 0.65 is released, but it will be worth it...even in the simple state the game is in, it's a lot of fun to run around the city f***ing stuff up ;) Here are some pictures of the current version.

Gang War Update6/7/2004

Hey guys I'm still working hardcore on the game...It's gonna be a while before the next update of the game though, I'm going to have gameplay, AI, pathfinding, etc. done before the next release. It's a whole new game already, and I can't wait to release it to you guys! I've got some screenshots of the 'Strategy' screen, which is where most of the game will be played from, also there's a picture of the dynamic weather effects and stuff. I added a bunch of new things to the city, and made it about 50% bigger. I added things like a beach to the game, and I'm about to add trees, and objects to the roads, like phone booths, trash cans, etc. Enjoy.


Sorry it's been so long since an update...I'm working on getting gameplay into the game, and it's going well. I've finished the artwork for the police officers, and the 3 different types of gangs that will be in the next release. The Italians, the Latinos, and the Blacks. Each different gang type will have different attributes and skills. Also I've made the game about 50% faster, I spent 2 weeks optimizing it. Now the game runs at the highest resolution (1600x1200) on my computer would hardly even run with more than 15 FPS in the previous version, now it stays at a constant 30 FPS. I'm gonna release a new version in a few weeks so keep checking back. Also I've repelaced all of the low resolution building textures with much better ones, and have done a lot of other random fixes, and updates, including adding a hand brake to the cars, which makes handling A LOT easier, and it's just badass :)

- Dan

Gang War Update3/28/2004

It's been a while since the last update, and I figured I'd let you guys know what I'm doing on the game. I've just added skid marks, and way better vehicle physics into the game, and I'm working on some actual gameplay right now. I'm adding in the other half of the game that hasn't been in any demos, the 'strategy' screen, where you manage your gang, and give them orders, etc. I'm also working on adding computer controlled players like police, and enemy gang members into the game. I'm also going to have moving traffic in the game by the next release! Here's some screenshots of the new stuff, like the skid marks!

Gang War Version 0.45 Released3/15/2004

Ok this is a much better version of my game than the last one. I've made the maps 3x bigger, added guns into the game, front end menus, pedestrians, a bunch of new cars, and map objects, a HUD, etc. Also the game should run on any hardware setup. Check the readme file for a complete list of things. Anyways, just download it and let me know what you think! Thanks for the help.


- Danny Green (

More Gang War screenshots and info3/12/2004

I've been working on the game a lot lately (big suprise), and I've got some cool stuff done...I made the maps 3 times bigger, added 6 guns into the game, added bridges, some animated water, and a bunch of pedestrians, who all look different. I'm putting the finishing touches on the next demo which will be out in a few days, so keep checking back, it's a totally different game then in the first release! Here's some pics, enjoy!

Gang War Update3/9/2004

Alright, time for an update...I've been working on Gang War intensly these last few days, and I've got things into the game like dynamic environmental conditions (night, day, sunset, morning, etc.). It looks freakin awesome ingame, I can't wait to release a demo with the new features in it. If you can't tell I've changed the game's camera angle from top down, to about 75 degrees. I've also gotten rid of all the bugs people told me about in the first release, and have made a lot of progress in other areas of the the pedestrians/civilians that will enhabit the city Also I've been making a lot of progress on the traffic AI. Anyways check out the new pics, and once again, thanks for the support!

'Gang War' v0.10 Release3/1/2004

Alright, I'm releasing a very early demo of my new game, and I need as many people to try it as possible. The purpose of the demo is just to try to hammer out some possible technical problems with my game engine, and to fix any problems there might be before the game gets too complicated. Download it and try it, and play around a bit. PLEASE send me an e-mail or register on the forums and tell me what you think about it, also I would appreciate it if you would include 'GangWar_Log.txt' with your e-mail, so I can see what happened when you ran the game. Thank you for your support.

NOTE: I know some things in the game are weird, the physics for example is very 'slippery' at this point in time, I will change that in the next release. Also DirectX 9.0 is REQUIRED to play the game, you can download it at also you should have a decent graphics card, and computer, as this game is pretty graphics intensive.


- Danny Green (

Gang War2/29/2004

I've transformed my previous attempt at a game, into a 3D gang simulation. It's going to be very cool (if I ever finish it)...there are a few things I'm trying to wrap up before I release a demo...I want to get the traffic going around in a realistic fashion (almost done with that), I want to get a basic front end menu system up (1 day MAX), and I want to add some slight optimizations and configuration options in there so that I can be sure the game will run on a wide variety of systems. The coolest new feature that I've added to the engine, is real-time shadows, using stencil buffers. It looks sooo good in game, and I can't wait to release a demo and show it off to people...anyways here's some pictures to check out, and come back in a few days because I'll be releasing a demo soon ;) game...better game...11/7/2003

Eh, after playing and becoming fixated on Max Payne 2, I decided to make a new game :) This one's called 'Agent 51' and you're basicly a ex-special forces guy out to bring down a ring of drug dealers and mobsters...very original eh? Anyways it's going to be a first person shooter, and since I have a digital camera now, the levels and artwork are going to be amazing...don't believe me? Check these out..this is after about 5 hours of work :)

More pics, and info9/18/2003

Hey everyone, I've been working on World War a lot lately and it's looking good, I just added vehicles into the game, and I've made a lot of progress in other areas of the game. I'm going to release a demo in a few days, so keep checking back here :)

Yet another new game...9/13/2003

In my never ending quest to make a cool game, I've decided to start on a game called "World War", I'm reusing a lot of the old artwork and etc. that was made for my old game that I never released (Allies vs Axis). The game is almost done due to the lack of artwork I need to make, this game is not going to be a first person shooter, but a real time 3d strategy game. I think this kind of game is a much more humble project than the ambitious games I've tried to make in the past. Right now you can move the troops around, and they shoot at eachother...very basic stuff. I will be making a lot of progress in the next few days as far as a playable demo. Anyways here are some screenshots of what I have after a week and a half...


It's been a while since the last that time I've done quite a bit on Street Racer. I've expanded the map's size 9X. I'm almost done with the lightmapping engine I've run into some slight problems. I've also coded a rigid body dynamics engine into the game once I get it worked out, it is going to produce some pretty amazing car physics. Time for some screens :) these pictures are of the downtown area in the city you'll be driving around in Street Racer, these scenes are totally unoptimized, hence the relatively low 120 fps...also there is no lighting whatsoever, and some of the textures are low resolution place holders, for the final texture.

"Street Racer" Update.4/8/2003

Since the last update I made some new cars, like a NSX, Celica, IS300, and a Supra. Here's a group picture of them all...I don't think I'm going to be making any more cars for the game, for a while...this should be enough :)

Since I reached my goal in terms of car production, I spent some time working on the actual game...and I think you'll be suprised at the results. These screenshots are without any lighting effects at all! Also this is after about 1 nights work on the map...I'm going to add buildings and all that good stuff after I get the basic road structure in place for the city. I also revamped the entire car physics engine, and am in the process of making some lightmapping code for the level. This will improve the visual quality a lot...but it won't cause a speed decrease, in these screenshots I'm simulating the lightmap rendering process with blank lightmaps. Anyways...Hope you like these screenshots :) - Dan

More cars for "Street Racer"4/6/2003

I'm officially addicted to making cars now :) I keep telling myself just 1 more car, but that never seems to work. I've made a bunch of new cars, a 67 Chevelle, a Police Impala which is going to chase you around the city if you get caught street racing, a '02 Subaru WRX, a '02 BMW M3, and a '99 Dodge Viper. Here's some pics...first is a group picture, the next picture is a comparison picture of the M3. In the final game the car's aren't going to be grey, the cars will have all of the available factory colors...anyways the comparison picture is pretty cool...check it out, peaaaaace. - Dan

New game yet again :)4/4/2003

So I've decided to make yet another game, this one's called "Street Racer"'s based off the same engine that I've been developing...only this time it's much more advanced with stuff like dynamic lightmaps, and much more detailed car models. The premise of the game is much like the game "Motorcity Online", essentially you drive around a giant city and look for other people to race, while avoiding cops, traffic and other hazzards. You can just cruise around the city when you're not racing, and you can go to one of hundreds of interactive locations around the city and buy parts for your car, using the earnings you've got from racing, you can go to "hotspots" and challange people to races, etc. I've got a lot of good things planned for this game...anyways what good would this update be without some kickass pictures?!?! These are some of the car's that I've made for Street Racer...keep in mind this is the results of 1 nights work :) I've managed to make a Corvette Z06, a 2003 Mustang Cobra, a Lancer Evo 7, and a '67 Camaro...more info and pics to come :)

"Turbo Assault" Update1/4/2003

Well I've been doing some work on Turbo Assault in the last few days, and I've managed to add the first weapon into the game, it's a giant .50 caliber machine gun that sits on top of the cars. I've got everything almost finalized, and into the game, regarding that weapon. I've also made it so the cars can be any color I want, and I added a bunch of other random things into the game, like graphical tachometer. Next up on my agenda is adding some more weapons into the game, update the map a bunch, and make some basic artificial intelligence. On to the screenshots :)

Update, and a new game :)12/29/2002

Alright, heeeeeeere's the deal, I'm not working on Allies vs Axis anymore at the moment, but rather then let my creative juices go untapped, I'm working on a new game. This new game is called "Turbo Assault", basicly its a driving game where you get to blow up other's a car combat game. It's going to be badass, just watch :) lol...Well sorry if you were anticipating Allies vs Axis, but this game is gonna be much cooler...and I'll still go back to AVA someday anyways, so don't loose sleep over it :). I started on a racing game a while ago called "GT-Racer" used a modified version of the AVA engine, so I just picked up where I left off on that project, and converted everthing over for use in TA...I already have a fully functional map editor, and game there's gonna be major progress in a short period of time :) I've already got the Subaru WRX into the game, and *somewhat* realistic car physics....the WRX even has a sound for the turbo's blow-off valve :) all you car freaks out there will appreciate that lol. There's going to be many other cars in this game, and about 20 different weapons for you to mount onto them. I see big things for this game lol, so keep checkin' the page if you wanna see how it turns out. I'll update in a few days with my progress...peaaaaaace.

Oh yea, I have a few screenshots for you guys...these are after 2 days of work :)

My Car.7/18/2002

Sup guys, this news itsn't really Allies vs Axis related, but I thought it'd be cool to post here. I recently made a website about my car, which is a '02 Celica, I love that car! Heh. Click the picture below if you wanna see it.

Back to work.7/16/2002

I finally decided to start working on Allies vs Axis again! I've fixed all of those problems I was having with it, and I added some cool new stuff to the game, like tracers, a complete overhaul/rewrite of the projectile code, muzzle flashes on the guns, and all kinds of other cool touches. I'm also working on finishing the Omaha beach invasion map, I'll post some screenshots of that when I get closer to finishing. Speaking of screenshots, here's some :)

I'm a lazy bastard.6/10/2002

I originally posted this in the forum, but I'm going to post it here to clear up some confusion about the state of "Allies vs Axis".

"...I haven't really done any work on it since March ('cept for a week last month), I didn't even have a computer with internet access until 2 days ago. I just graduated high school a few weeks ago, I'm getting ready to go to college, and I don't really have time to work on the game. Rather then cancelling it, I'd rather just work on it and make updates when I have the time. I'm planning on working on AVA again over the summer, sorry for the delays, and sorry to make it seem that the game was just around the corner, but it is by no means "cancelled". I'm not going to put out a demo until I have playable AI in the game, and 3 different maps (Omaha, Crete, Carentan). You have to also understand that I had some computer troubles a while ago, and I had to reformat my computer. In the process of reinstalling all my drivers/software I had to install newer versions of some of the drivers, and now I get error messages when I try to run AVA, and I never got up the patience to fix them, so I kind of let it slide. I am planning on working on AVA over the summer, so don't give up totally on me, I'll eventually get something released.

Danny Green"

Please feel free to post your response in the thread I originally posted this in Here.

Finally an update!5/11/2002

Sorry for going so long without a news update, but I kinda got distracted by a few things, and didn't really have time to work on AVA. I'm going to try and work on Allies vs Axis more nowdays, and also to update the page more frequently.

Also, as you can probably tell, Phen designed a new webpage for me a week or so ago, I think it looks really awesome.

And anybody who's new here, it'd be great if you would register on the forums, or send me and e-mail and let me know what you think of AVA!

On to the screenshots!...The first is just a picture of a german soldier holding a MP-40 submachine gun, the second is of the new smoke system in AVA. The third and fourth, and fifth screenshots are of the new Omaha beach map. I'm aware that there are no beach obsticals, etc. on the beaches, this will change a lot in the next few days, I'm going to make the beaches look really realistic. I just though I'd show some screens of what I have so far.


I've been coding like crazy on AVA lately! I'm 95% done with the vehicle code, I've also almost finished the projectile code, the paratrooper code, and I'm working on some basic AI code right now. On to the screenshots :) The first screenshot is of a giant paratrooper attack, the second is of the newly re-textured Tiger tank, the third picture is of a german Sdkfz 250 halftrack, and the last is just a random picture of a soldier doing stuff.

Vehicle Update!1/27/2002

I'm just about 70% done with all of the vehicle code! I've added 2 test vehicles into the game. An American C-47 transport plane, and a German PzkpfwIII light tank. The tank's tracks/treads move realisticly, as do the plane's props. This looks really good in-game! Here are a few pics of the new vehicles. Also, remember to drop by the forums and say hi!

Merry Christmas!12/23/2001

All of us here at Radioactive-Software want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! And as a gift, I have some new screenshots of Allies vs Axis for you ;) The first pic is the Waffen SS autumn camo style player model, carrying a MP-44. Next is a U.S. Army sniper carrying a Springfield '03. After that, there's a german paratrooper(fallschirmjaeger) carrying a FG-42, and last is a U.S. paratrooper carrying a M1 Carbine.

Work on the first release of AVA is moving along slowly but surely. I hope to release a beta version of AVA in a month or two :) And keep checking back for more info/and screenshots! Also I've just finished working on the in game voice command menus...they'll allow you to shout commands at other soldiers. Himmel has already finished all of the voice commands for the U.S., British, and German soldiers, and they sound GREAT! Here's a pic of the in game menus/heads up display(HUD) :)

Big Update!11/11/2001

I've been working on Allies vs Axis a lot lately! I've just finished putting the MG42 into the game. Also I modelled 2 Waffen SS Player models, one wearing the autumn camo style, and one wearing a summer camo style. Also I've figured out how to make some really cool skyboxes :) Now for the pics!


I'm still working on Allies vs Axis. I've updated my game engine to allow for real-time lighting effects, so now I can simulate the different times of day. Here's a few new pictures!

C-47 transport plane.10/16/2001

I've just finished modeling the C-47 transport plane. This plane is what the American paratroopers will jump out of.


Work on AVA is going along nicely. I've been working on a few new models, the german Tiger tank, german Ju-52 transport plane, and the german Fallschirmjaeger (paratrooper).

New Pictures!10/7/2001

Work on Allies vs Axis is going along nicely. I should have some vehicles in-game within the week! Also, I just made it so the enemy soldiers are able to die. Here's some pictures of the new death animations :)

New U.S. and German player models9/30/2001

Work on Allies vs Axis is coming along nicely. I've just redone the U.S. and German player models. Here are some pics of the new player models:

New screenshots of Allies vs Axis9/23/2001

I've posted some new screenshots of Allies vs Axis in the forum HERE. Also please register on the forum so you can give some feedback, or just say hi!

Still working...9/16/2001

I'm still working on Allies vs Axis. You should expect a release in a few months. I've added a bunch of things to the engine, which should make it a lot better then Combat-Forces! I'm going to post news a lot more now, so check back frequently!

Also please check out the forum, by clicking "Discussion" on the side bar. I'm going to start putting screenshots, and some info in the forum, so check it out!

Combat-Forces 0.55 Release8/11/2001

About 3 months ago, I announced that I stopped working on Combat-Forces. I've decided to release what I'd finished of it. Here's the link to the download. Thanks a lot to Christian Řelund who did a number of fantastic gun models for Combat-Forces. Combat-Forces 0.55

NOTE: I'm not going to continue working on this game, for a while. I'm going to finish Allies vs Axis, then I'm going to re-do Combat-Forces.

New page design.8/11/2001

Thanks to Phen for the awesome new page! I'm working on yet another new game, called "Allies vs Axis". It's a World War 2 game, that uses the Combat-Forces engine as a base.

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